Xelera's software makes commercial applications in the data center and in the cloud faster.

A software stack to leverage off-the-shelf accelerator hardware in tomorrow's data centers and cloud hostings.



Assess performance gains, costs and savings when migrating applications to accelerators.

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Connect business applications with FPGA and GPU technology

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Analytics Plug In

Accelerate complex data analytics and machine learning applications

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DB Plug In

Accelerate performance-critical operations in databases

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Net Plug In

Handle large-scale IoT infrastructure with FPGAs at the network edge

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Due to the growing data volume and emerging demand for real-time analytics, businesses are increasingly required to build up accelerated data processing capabilities. FPGAs and GPUs will become an integral part of tomorrow’s data centers, cloud services and IoT infrastructure, powering a broad range of constantly evolving business applications.

Accelerator Technology in the Data Center

Accelerator technology can provide orders-of-magnitude acceleration to business-critical applications using Big Data analytics, machine learning, database management and to IoT infrastructures. FPGAs boost the energy efficiency of data center servers and can substantially reduce TCO.

Our Mission and Value Contribution

Despite the tremendous benefits delivered by FPGAs and GPUs, there still exists a large gap between applications and the processor technology today. Xelera Technologies develops software to bridge this gap.

Management Team

Combining top technical expertise with management expertise and tight links into the ecosystem

Dr. Felix Winterstein

Co-Founder, CEO

- 8 years of experience in FPGA development & tooling

Andreas Duffner

Co-Founder, COO

- 30 years of experience in global business consulting & management

Dr. Andrea Suardi

Co-Founder, Head of Acceleration Technology

- 11 years of experience in accelerator technology & tooling

Alexander Lange

Co-Founder, Head of Software Engineering

- 4 years of experience in software engineering

Advisory board

Prof. Andreas Koch

Head of the Embedded Systems and Applications Group at TU Darmstadt

Prof. George Constantinides

Head of the Circuits and Systems Group at Imperial College London




Edge Computing

Edge Computing service providers place the cloud resources nearer to end devices at the far edge in order to reduce the access latency and promote data locality. Here, acceleration hardware and software are mission-critical: They enable service providers to manage the increasing demand for latency-critical applications, such as live over-the-top video, gaming and real-time analytics/inference.

Data Center Software

True real-time processing of large data volumes, for example in real-time decision processes and live predictive analyses in areas such as banking & insurance, consumer, health & pharmaceutical, IT services, logistics, manufacturing, retail & wholesale and telecom.

Data Center Suppliers

Bringing the performance of FPGAs into commercial applications by ensuring efficient and safe plug-and-play use of FPGA accelerators in the data center.

Cloud Services

Enabling application providers to leverage the performance of FPGAs and offer acceleration to cloud applications in an “as-a-service”-manner.


September 2019

Xelera wins Digital Startup 2019 Award

June 2019

Xelera Announces Availability of Xelera Suite for Edge Computing

Frankfurt - Today at the ISC High Performance Computing 2019, Xelera Technologies announced the launch of Xelera Suite for Edge Computing, enabling companies such as telecommunications service providers to use Xelera’s flagship software acceleration platform – Xelera Suite – to manage the fast growing demand in low-latency compute acceleration in Edge Cloud infrastructures. For more information read the full press release here.

March 2019

Xelera is finalist in DENEFFs PERPETUUM 2019 Energy Efficiency Competition

Xelera is one of ten finalists to fight for the energy efficiency crown in Germany. See more:

February 2019

Xelera presents at Embedded World 2019

Joining Xilinx at their booth at the Embedded World 2019 in Nürnberg Xelera presented a first live demo of their new Deep Learning Accelerator for FPGAs. See more:

January 2019

Xelera ranked among top 50 startups in Germany

Xelera has been ranked among the top 50 startups in Germany

November 2018

Xelera at Supercomputing'18 in Dallas, booth 4346

Meet us at Supercomputing'18 in Dallas, booth 4346, on November 12-15 to find out about our data analytics/machine learning acceleration solutions.

October 2018

Xelera at Spark and AI Summit London

Xelera presents Apache Spark acceleration at the Spark an AI Summit in London on October 3-4 * Visit us at booth #64.

Xelera presents FPGA application on newly released Alveo card at the Xilinx Developer Forum San José

Just after the presentation of the newly released Alveo cards Xelera showcases up to 50x acceleration of machine learning training using the FPGA platform:

September 2018

Xelera Suite enables cloud-based video processing by customer LYNX Technik

The Xelera Suite Middleware powers LYNX AIR, a cloud-based video processing solution by LYNX Technik AG. See more:

August 2018

Xelera wins the nationwide Digital Innovations Award by the German government

We are proud to announce that Xelera has received the prestigious award for digital innovations in Germany 2018 by the German government. The jury acknowledged that business process acceleration in true real time will be mission critical for almost all companies.

July 2018

Telekom TechBoost and Xelera begin partnership

We are proud to announce that Xelera is now part of TechBoost: The Deutsche Telekom start-up program. TechBoost fast-tracks selected technology start-ups with € 100,000 credit for the Open Telekom Cloud as well as discounts for Telekom products and tariffs. Furthermore, in case of extensive cloud usage, TechBoost start-ups benefit from valuable sales and marketing support – Boosting our business!

June 2018

Xelera announces accelerated Apache Spark cloud solution at ISC'18 in Frankfurt

Xelera demonstrates up to 80x speed-up of the training of a random forest classifier (part of the Spark Machine Learning Library) at the International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt. The solution runs in the AWS F1 cloud and on-premise.

January 2018

Xelera presents FPGA application in the AWS cloud at the Xilinx Developer Forum

Xelera showcases up to 40x acceleration by pairing complex search queries with real-time data analytics queries on FPGAs in the AWS cloud.

November 2017

Xelera at Data Center World Frankfurt (booth 239)

Xelera presents at the Data Center World Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

Xelera presents demo at SuperComputing'17 in Denver

Xelera presents a demo of an FPGA-accelerated data analytics application (cluster analysis) jointly with its partner Gidel at SC'17

Xelera wins 2nd price at HessenIdeen competition

Xelera (previously F-Technologies) wins the second price in the state-wide start-up competition HessenIdeen

August 2017

Start of seed funding period

The first funding period for F-Technologies (later Xelera Technologies) starts.

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