Connect business
applications with
FPGA technology


Connect business
applications with
FPGA technology

Business Context

Leveraging the benefits of FPGA technology in business applications in the data center and cloud services requires bridging the gap between the traditional bare-metal use of FPGAs and modern software stacks.

Application areas

  • End-to-end business processes
  • Database applications
  • Big Data analytics, machine learning
  • Internet-of-Things

Xelera SUITE MAIN FEATURES AND value contribution

A middleware providing applications a clean, hardware-agnostic interface to FPGA platforms in the data center and the cloud:

  • Containerized accelerators: Providing the ability to leverage existing technology for workload deployment, life-cycle management, virtualization and open infrastructure
  • Enabling as-a-service consumption: Ensuring cost efficiency
  • Failure detection, reporting and recovery: Ensuring safe accelerator operation
  • Platform independence: Avoiding lock-in
  • Scale-up and scale-out capabilities: Scaling performance according to the application demand
  • Composable architecture: Adding security, data compression and load balancing functionality when required
  • Live performance monitoring dashboards: Enhanced data center operations management


  • Seamless integration of FPGA infrastructure into existing applications and software stacks
  • Safe, plug-and-play use of FPGA accelerators in the data center and in the cloud

Assess performance gains, costs and savings when migrating business applications to FPGAs.
Connect business applications with FPGA technology
Accelerate complex data analytics applications
Accelerate performance-critical operations in databases
Handle large-scale IoT infrastructure with FPGAs at the network edge