Accelerate complex data analytics applications


Accelerate complex data analytics applications

Business Context

Data is growing in volume, rate, complexity, lack of structure and variability. This is creating large-scale analytics problems. These are mainly characterized by excessively long query response times, quality limitations and increased IT expenses, affecting business operations requiring real-time execution.

Application areas/INDUSTRIES

  • Big Data applications, e.g. in finance, retail, consumer, health, pharmaceutical, touristic, telecom and service industries
  • Real-time data analytics applications, e.g. the live prediction of customer behavior and the creation of dynamically varied personalized offers
  • Internet-of-Things data streams
  • Real-time decision processes/applications

Xelera SUITE MAIN FEATURES AND value contribution

A middleware providing applications a clean, hardware-agnostic interface to FPGA platforms in the data center and the cloud:

  • Powering classification, clustering, regression, data association, time series analysis, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning with FPGA technology
  • Faster response times for analytics queries


  • Improving the quality of data-driven business processes
  • Enable enterprises across all industries to run their business in true real-time


  • Xelera Suite
  • Xelera DB (optional)
  • Xelera Net (optional)

Assess performance gains, costs and savings when migrating business applications to FPGAs.
Connect business applications with FPGA technology
Accelerate complex data analytics applications
Accelerate performance-critical operations in databases
Handle large-scale IoT infrastructure with FPGAs at the network edge